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Notifications on Social Media

You may have noticed that Facebook and other social media channels enjoy subtly changing and updating their sites! It was queried at the last Parents’ Forum meeting why parents are no longer receiving notifications when a post has been published. The simple answer is: Facebook likes to make things difficult for businesses to communicate everyday


Year 8 Physics Olympiad

Year 8 had an excellent time meeting the challenge of thinking and working together as a team while competing with other schools at the Physics Olympiad at Trinity School. I was particularly impressed by Cole, Louis and Sarah’s experimental skills with the wind turbine generating over 4V. Izzy, Jae and Sophie had some excellent ideas for slowing


We Won Gold at the Nottingham City Rounders Tournament

We won gold at the Year 5/6 Nottingham City Rounders Tournament yesterday. We won all 5 matches convincingly – averaging 8.5 rounders each innings. The whole team were fantastic – adapting well to their opponents’ style of play. As well as scoring rounders, there was also some superb catching in deep field and speedy fielding

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"Pupils are self-confident, self-aware and have a good sense of who they are."

ISI Inspection February 2013