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Weekly News – Friday 4th October

Message from the Headmistress

Dear Parents,

It was great to see a couple of pupils at the intermittently very wet Southwell Ploughing Match last week! We had a good time talking to former pupils and meeting new prospective ones.

Thank you for struggling through the chaos of Goose Fair parking this week. All should be cleared at the beginning of next.  Pupils in Years 1 to 6 attended the opening of Goose Fair on Thursday so at least we reap some benefits! I would like it more if there were geese there I think.

Our Year 10 and 11 Badminton team made the finals which take place in two weeks time. Fabulous news, especially as we had a lot of Year 8 and 9 pupils playing in the team! The Football team also played really well in their fixture yesterday but unfortunately were narrowly defeated in their 3 games.

New pupils welcome

This week we have welcomed 3 new pupils to school: Lana, Alicia and Isla. We hope they will quickly settle and be very happy here. I am still showing families round who are looking at starting this term – it really is never too late to make the decision to come to Hollygirt and while ever there are spaces available in classes, we will start a child at any time of term, if it is in their best interests to transfer. Please share this information if you know families whose children haven’t settled in new classes/new schools.

Prize Giving

Starting Friday in Senior School with a Prize Giving singing practice reminds me that the most important occasion of the school calendar is looming. Prize Giving is the evening of Wednesday 16th October in The Albert Hall, 7.00pm to 9.00pm. It is compulsory for pupils in Years 3 to 11 to attend this event. Pupils get a day off in December in lieu of this evening attendance so please ensure your diaries are clear and that they attend. We are excited to be welcoming back to school, as our speaker, alumnus and former councillor and Sheriff of Nottingham, Cat Arnold.

Holiday Clubs

We have received some information about holiday clubs that parents might be interested in for half term:

Perform West Bridgford



Leo’s Den in Arnold


Rattle and Roll Performance – information can be found at


Term Dates

I will be publishing term dates for 2020 – 2021 on our website at the beginning of next year. Please check these if you are an early holiday booker.


Earlier this week we made an appointment from a strong field of candidates for a new Site and Facilities Manager, Mick Harris, whose work will commence in half term. This week I have advertised two further vacancies:

  • A full time, term time only, 1:1 Learning Support Assistant
  • A two day a week (Monday and Wednesday), term time only, Classroom Support (supporting off site PE lessons throughout the school and other practical subjects in Senior School

Full details of these posts and application packs are in the jobs section of our website. Please pass on to anyone who might be interested. I would like to fill both roles to start after half term.


Schoolwear Solutions will be coming into school to do a POP UP SHOP at 9 Villa Road on WEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER. Open 8am-10am. Garments will be available to try on and orders will be taken if stock is not available. These can either be delivered to school for you or to home. This is part of a new service offered by Schoolwear Solutions now their temporary premises are further away. Our key account manager Raaj is available to provide a personalised service for parents on 07728 535853 / email So if you can’t make it to their new premises, or to our pop up shop, do give her a ring. Junior coats which are now compulsory are coming into stock soon (it is a very slightly changed version but at the same price and of the same quality), parents are urged to order now!

 Other important information:

  1. NUTS We have for a long time had a nut free school kitchen and a nut free Junior School. Now we are going NUT FREE through school. We are asking parents not to send in nutty snacks into Senior School. This is to protect our pupils with anaphylaxis linked to NUTS.
  2. AEROSOLS Likewise we are banning aerosol deodorants from Senior School. We recognise that young people may like to freshen up during the day but would like them to use roll on instead. This is to protect asthmatic staff and pupils.
  3. Finally PHONES… Senior School has a zero tolerance on this. Phones must be handed in to their individual envelopes in their form box each morning and collected at the end of the day. Occasional permission may be given for usage but this must be sought not assumed. We have had a number of comments related to this area: (i) some children are dutifully handing in one phone, whilst having another in their pocket. (ii) if they make a call out that we get an in-school response to, it is clear they have their phone on them. (iii) if they ‘like’ a post on Instagram during the school day it is clear they have a phone on them. (iv) if they are off site and they leave their phone in their blazer pocket school accepts no liability if it goes missing from a public changing room. Our rules are to protect these valuable items and to safeguard our pupils on our premises. We have high level of protections and restricted access on our school network and 3/4G technology in the pocket means we have no control over what is being viewed or shared. We would like parental support on this matter.

Next week we are looking forward to a quiet Tuesday to Friday as the majority of the Year 7 and Year 10 pupils are off on their residential / Geography field trip to Broneirion in Wales. We hope they have a wonderful time.

Our next Friends of Hollygirt meeting is on Friday 11th at 4.00pm.

Mrs Hutley

Message from the Head of Juniors

Please click here to view this week’s Stars of the Week

Dear Parents,

This term is flying by and I cannot believe we are only two weeks away from half term.There are still many exciting events taking place in the lead up to the holidays.

Well done to the boys who competed in the ISA football tournament at Dixie Grammar on Monday. Mr Goodhead and Mr Ockelford were certainly very impressed by their performances. We look forward to many more football matches over the course of the year.

Yesterday, we took Years 1 to 6 on our annual trip to Goose Fair. We were really lucky with the weather and although it was a little cold, we stayed dry. It was such a fantastic day and the children (and adults) had the opportunity to go on so many rides. They, of course, came back to school with the usual doughnuts, toffee apples and candyfloss along with various prizes they had won! Thank you to all of the parents helpers who accompanied us; we are, as ever, extremely grateful for your help and hope you enjoyed your day. Thank you also to Mrs Wand for organising this. Some photos have been posted on our social media.

On Monday morning, Mrs Keyworth is hosting another poetry assembly. It will take place in the Senior School hall, beginning at 9.00am. I know parents who attended last year thoroughly enjoyed this and I look forward to seeing you there.

Parents’ Evenings for all junior classes are on Monday and Tuesday next week.  If you cannot make these dates, please ask Form Teachers for an alternative appointment.

As Mrs Hutley has mentioned, Raaj from Schoolwear Solutions, will be in school with a pop up uniform shop on Wednesday from 8am – 10am. It is an opportunity to purchase or order junior coats if you haven’t already bought them as these will be compulsory from January. A reminder that for Prize Giving, which all KS2 pupils attend, children need to be in formal uniform. For girls, this is blazer, white shirt, green skirt, school tie and green tights. Boys will wear their usual uniform.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Wright
Head of Juniors

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