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Monday 21st January to Friday 25th January will be ‘Sparkle Week’ at Hollygirt School for all year groups.

During this time, we hope to raise awareness of mental health and well-being with pupils by demonstrating acts of kindness. Helping others can be beneficial to all of our mental health by reducing stress, helping others to feel good about themselves and helping to reduce negative feelings and anxiety.

Pupils will be allowed to wear a sparkly or brightly coloured accessory to school each day of this week.

Prior to this week, through assemblies, the children will be introduced to Sparkle Week and be given suggestions for acts of kindness. At the end of the week, further assemblies will celebrate these.

We hope you will join us in demonstrating acts of kindness and wearing something sparkly or colourful in your own workplace!

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"Pupils are self-confident, self-aware and have a good sense of who they are."

ISI Inspection February 2013