Early Years Faqs

  • Q. What records of my child’s academic progress are kept?
    • We keep full Early Years’ profiles which are shared with parents at parents’ evenings or at any other time by request. These log details of what the child is able to do and form an ongoing record of pupil progress. Pupils also keep a ‘special book’ which records photographs and evidence of work that children have completed, this comes home at the end of the academic year.

  • Q. Are snacks provided for playtime?
    • Children are provided with either milk or orange juice at morning playtime. They bring their own healthy snacks from home.

  • Q. Do all children in Early Years have to eat school lunches?
    • Lunches are included in our fees for all full time/ full day children. We offer two choices of main meal every day, one of which is non-meat.

      All children eat a school meal unless they have a very specific dietary need that we cannot cater for. The menu is published on the website and parents are asked to help with the choices.

  • Q. What time can my child arrive in the morning and leave at night?
    • School starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.30pm.

      Children can arrive at school anytime between 8am and 8.45am. They can sit indoors with a teacher for a story or play in the supervised playground, when weather permits until the beginning of the school day.

      Breakfast is available between 8.00am and 8.30am for £1 per day if required

      After school, children not involved in extra-curricular activities can attend the After School Club until 5.30pm. (An extra charge is made for this service).

  • Q. How much will the uniform Cost?
    • The uniform list is available with approximate costings.  Purchased new from Schoolwear Solutions, our uniform suppliers, the full uniform will cost somewhere between £150 and £250. However many parents will take advantage of our Friends of Hollygirt second hand uniform shop for some items which offers fantastic value for money, especially when children are growing quickly.

  • Q. What do you mean by ‘ready for a Hollygirt education’
    • The two basic prerequisites for starting in Nursery are: (i) the child can manage their own toileting (We do not take children in nappies or trainer pants) and (ii) they are able to feed themselves.

      After this we look at whether they are emotionally and socially able to function for a full day around other children. For entry at this age we do not have any academic expectations.

  • Q. Can a child who has just turned 3 years old start in Hollygirt’s Nursery?
    • Yes. We take children from the age of three providing they are out of nappies/trainer pants; can do their own toileting; can feed themselves; and can follow basic instructions.

      All children spend a Taster Day with us to demonstrate their readiness.

  • Q. My child has never been to a nursery or away from their mother for more than a few hours; I am worried about whether she/he will settle in to full time school. How will you help?
    • We usually find that once a child has been left in our care they quickly settle. The teachers and other children are very kind and helpful. All young people starting in school spend a whole day with us to assess their readiness for a Hollygirt education. Some children will start part time and build up to full time in Nursery.

      We hold a monthly Stay and Play session where parents can come along and observe their child in the Hollygirt environment before the child starts at the school.

  • Q. Why do the EYFS years share a room? Does this impede the learning of the older children?
    • The curriculum for the  EYFS is shared for all pre-school children. For the formal parts of teaching/learning the Early Years unit is separated by a sliding door which creates two discrete learning environments.

  • Q. My 4 year old is very able, can the school offer appropriate stretch in the Early Years classroom?
    • From the very beginning our children in the Early Years class learn phonics, handwriting skills and do topic work. Every night each child takes home a reading book and parents are encouraged to talk about the books each night at home, with their child. With a high teacher:pupil ratio, children can work at their own level. The most able will develop at a faster pace. Children in Nursery who are more advanced in their learning can join the Reception class for the formal work times, if the level of work there is more suited to their needs.

General Faqs

  • Q. How do I pay my termly bill?
    • Fees are due in advance, on the first day of term. They can be paid by cheque or by BACS transfer. See the finance section of the website for further details of how to pay.

  • Q. Can I pay for fees monthly?
    • Parents can pay monthly by joining the ‘School Fees Plan’ which is an external provision and a small termly fee is charged for this service. Please ask for a leaflet or look for details on the website.

  • Q. Could anything additional to school fees appear on my termly bill?
    • On the first bill there is a one off payment, per family, of £50 for contribution to the Friends of Hollygirt.  Thereafter all other disbursements for trips, visits, revision guides etc are signed for by parents in advance. There are additionally some insurances and schemes which parents can opt in to.

  • Q. How do you ensure the safety and security of the pupils?
    • The safety and security of our pupils is of paramount importance to us. Children in Junior School are always accompanied when moving between buildings. Senior pupils are asked to move around in small groups. No pupils are permitted to leave our sites unless accompanied by a teacher and parental consent is required for all off site visits. All access points to our grounds and buildings have key pads and all visitors are signed in and badged.

      All staff are required to have enhanced checks to ensure their suitability for working with children and all undergo regular safeguarding training.

  • Q. Where can I park?
    • In common with most schools found in urban areas, parking is tight in the immediate environs of school. This is exacerbated by Elm Avenue being pedestrianised, traffic calming schemes and permit parking. There is metered parking on Villa Road and the bottom of Mapperley Road for £2 a day. There are a limited number of two hour parking bays on Cranmer Street.

      School is open from 8am so arrival times can be staggered to ease congestion and we alert parents if there are any road works affecting our area or temporary restrictions (for example Goose Fair week).

  • Q. What would I do if I had a complaint?
    • We have a formal complaints procedure, which outlines the stages by which a complaint is heard. This can be viewed in the policies section of the website. Usually serious complaints should be addressed to the Headmistress in the first instance.

  • Q. Who do I talk to if my child is having an issue with another child?
    • Issues should initially be raised with the the child’s Form Tutor or class teacher.

  • Q. How much will the uniform cost?
    • The uniform list is available with approximate costings. Purchased new from Schoolwear Solutions, our uniform suppliers, the full uniform will cost somewhere between £150 and £300. However many parents will take advantage of our Friends of Hollygirt second hand uniform shop for some items which offers fantastic value for money, especially when children are growing quickly.

  • Q. Where does Hollygirt play sports?
    • For the first two terms in the academic year we are privileged to be able to use the Nottingham University Sports Hall for games lessons for all children in Years 3 to 11. In the Summer Term, we use the field at Nottingham University’s Highfields Sports Complex.

      Junior School pupils from Years 1 to 6 use the Ken Martin Leisure Centre for swimming lessons.

      We also use the Astro Turf at the Forest Recreation Ground for additional Games lessons and after school football training.

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