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ISA’s U13 Girls’ Football Tournament

We were at Queen Ethelburgas in York yesterday for the Independent Schools Association (ISA)’s U13 Girls’ Football Tournament.




Year 11 Leavers Assembly

Senior School pupils all went down to the hall this morning for the Year 11 Leavers Assembly.

Bronwyn (Head Girl) and Asher (Deputy Head Boy) started off with a quiz whereby the audience were read statements and provided with the names of three pupils. The audience then had to vote by clapping for which pupil they thought the statement was true for.

We were then shown a homemade video which Year 11 pupils have been secretly putting together over the past week showing their best and funny moments at Hollygirt School. We saw an array of Mr Sud quotes caught on video and photos of Mr Thompson’s ‘nap time’ on coaches.

Mr Dean, Deputy Head, said: “Although I will miss Year 11 immensely, I will now have more time to spend on the golf course.”


Year 11 Food and Nutrition Revision

GCSE examinations begin from Monday 14th May and Year 11 pupils have been taking part in lots of revision sessions to prepare. In Food and Nutrition this afternoon, pupils have been using flashcards to indicate their knowledge. Of course, they tucked into a delicious buffet in the process!

Red = I don’t know the answer
Orange = I think I know the answer
Green = I’m sure I know the answer


Year 1 Superworm

Pupils in Year 1 have been studying Superworm by Julia Donaldson.
In the story, Superworm has to look for treasure and when we came back from assembly yesterday, Superworm (Ms Mehmet) had set up a treasure hunt! We wrote clues for each other and hid treasure in the garden for our friends to find.

Early Years – People Who Help Us

Early Years have been continuing their topic on ‘people who help us’. Yesterday afternoon, Kaia’s mummy, Anne, came into school to talk to pupils about how she helps people with their hair.

We looked at lots of different hair extensions – blonde, brunette, curly, straight…! Mrs Heatlie was quite fancying some blonde hair extensions to make herself look like Rapunzel.

It was amazing how many different types of hairbrushes that are used in a hairdressing salon. Anne showed us a wide toothed comb, rat tail comb, paddle brush, de-tangler, round brush for blow drys and a teasing brush for back combing.

Teddy asked Anne a very good question: “Why do you like being a hairdresser?” She told us that she loves seeing clients every day with different hair lengths and textures and working on making their hair as healthy as possible.

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