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Year 7 and 8 Geography Trip to Skegness

We couldn’t have picked a better day for the Geography trip to Skegness for Year 7 and 8! On Friday, pupils went to the seaside town for an enrichment day to study coastal ecosystems and we also visited Natureland Seal Sanctuary. Thank you to Miss Young for some fantastic photography.



Victorian Day

We’re celebrating 140 years of Hollygirt School with a Victorian Day today. Junior and Senior School staff and pupils are dressed up and we’re having an off-curriculum day where pupils are partaking in Victorian-style lessons. Mrs Hutley is bearing a striking resemblance to Miss Stafford (Headmistress from 1906 to 1953)…

More photos to follow!


Year 6 Latin is Not Dead

Year 6 found an interesting method for learning Latin tongue twisters. Pupils also participated in a ‘Latin is Not Dead’ competition this week. We found many examples of Latin alive and well including football club slogans, the game Subbuteo, flower names, Beckham’s tattoos and Harry Potter spells!

‘Draco dormers nunquam titillandus’ – ‘Never tickle a sleeping dragon’ is the translation of the motto that Rowling devised for the Hogwarts school crest.

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ISI Inspection February 2013