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Junior and Senior School Head Girl 2019-20

We’re thinking of expanding into the clairvoyance market.

At the end of the Summer Term, we had a glimpse into the future (the 2019-20 academic year) and it was clear that good fortune was upon those named LILY.

Congratulations to our new Junior School Head Girl, Lily, and our Senior School Head Girl, Lily, for the next academic year. We’re looking forward to you both commencing your prestigous roles in September.

If you know anyone by the name of LILY, be sure to let them know they’re in for a fantastic year.


Junior School Newspaper

Holly Leaves has some competition! Pupils in Junior School created their own school magazine called the ‘Hollygirt Blah’. You can view the summer edition below:


Year 9 Textile Doorstops

At the end of the Summer Term, pupils in Year 9 made textile doorstops in Design & Technology. Max made a turtle doorstop using his own paper pattern. He trialled the pattern in fabric and then modified it to achieve a more realistic shape. He created the shell using free machine embroidery. Armanis created a house doorstop. Mrs Cooper Cassady assisted in constructing the shape but he did all the applique himself!

Can you guess what we used to fill the doorstops to make them heavy?



Day 7 USA Trip

Day 7 of the USA trip. Today we managed to sneak in a couple more group shots at the White House before exploring the many museums of the Smithsonian.

As our trip draws to a close, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Howlett and all the staff for organising the trip of a lifetime! The pupils have been impeccably behaved throughout.


Day 6 USA Trip

Day 6 of the USA trip. Today we explored the famous monuments of the National Mall. There was then some downtime at the hotel before we headed out to Hard Rock Cafe, where Mr Dean faced some stiff competition in the jazzy shirt department.

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ISI Inspection February 2013