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Year 7 Easter Challenge – BAFTA Young Game Designer Competition

Year 7 Easter Challenge!

Why not enter the BAFTA Young Games Designer Awards 2017 and make use of your new-found Scratch skills.

Step 1: Brainstorm some game ideas – great to do with your friends!

Step 2:  Got an idea?  Think about goals, Challenges, rules and rewards.

Step 3:  Start designing your game. You can draw your characters and backgrounds or use your computer to create them. – there are lots on free online avatar creators you can try out.

Step 4:  Level design, how are you going to make each level different and more challenging?

Step 5:  How can you use sound to enhance you game?  Will you chose music, sound effects of a bit of both?

Step 6:  Test your idea out on your friends!  Lots of fun to be had here.

Step 7:  If you haven’t already, download Scratch at home and see if you can make your design!

Step 8:  Bring in your designs and / or game to school and submit to Mrs Bolton for entry to the BAFTA Young Games Designer competition.



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