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Touch Typing

Links to touch-typing games / activities online:

A range of lessons with videos starting with an introduction and with new tasks to work through introducing each pair of letters. Probably aimed at slightly older children.

Dance mat touch typing – uses a goat to introduce the letters, more fun and with a music theme. More fun and colourful than the previous one.

Aimed at younger kids, this is mush more about getting familiar and comfortable with the keyboard but a great starting point if they feel the above is too hard.

Keyboard Climber is a game based touch typing tool, but on this site there are lots of different themed games to play aswell.

This is great for those who already have some experience touch typing to ‘dip in;’ and practice. Simply type what you see on the screen and it will work out your typing speed and accuracy.

Typing speed test – simply copy the text on the screen to see how fast and accurately you’re typing . Why not make it a competition?

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