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Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) History

In Year 7 pupils begin their historical investigations with a study of life in medieval Britain.  The approach is broadly chronological leading them to an understanding of:

  • what life was like for ordinary people
  • the role of kingship
  • the tragedy of the Black Death
  • the centrality of religion to people’s lives
  • the early Tudor monarchs

In Year 8 the programme of study includes:

  • powerful Tudor women, focusing on Bess of Hardwick and Elizabeth I
  • the struggles between the monarchs and parliament, including the Gunpowder Plot and the Civil War
  • the revolution in France as a comparison to the Civil War in this country
  • the Atlantic Slave Trade, emancipation and the struggle for Civil Rights in the USA

In Year 9 we investigate the following themes:

  • how ‘great’ was Great Britain in the 19th century?
  • how ‘great’ was the Great War, 1914-18?
  • the rise of dictators
  • the war on terror through the ages.


History is a popular and lively subject at Hollygirt.  Most pupils opt to take it at GCSE and do well in it.

ICT is used frequently both as a historical tool and to improve skills.

School History Projects is the way History is approached here.  It is the most exciting and innovative way of experiencing History.

Trips abroad to the battlefields and at home to sites and museums add a great deal of interest to History lessons.

Organisation of the popular History Club (extra-curricula) gives pupils the chance to develop initiative and leadership skills.

Results are good.  Over half of our pupils achieve A* or A grades at GCSE.  Many go on to take it at AS and A2 level and even on to degree level.

Years 7 to 11 develop skills in History that form a valuable groundwork for many careers and for a lifelong interest.

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