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Over the past few weeks our Nursery and Reception class have purchased eggs from a farm, placed them in an incubator, eagerly awaited the chicks to hatch, learned a lot about chicks and the life cycle of an egg, watched the chicks hatch, taken the chicks home, held them, played with them and named them.

The following is a blog from Marisa, a Year 2 pupil who took the chicks home for the weekend.


Chicks are small and cute, they live on a farm with a hen and you can get pet chicks. You have to keep the eggs warm. They hatch in two weeks. Nursery and Reception have some called Sam, Rainbow, Daffodil and Fluffy. One is black, one is yellow, one is yellow and grey and one is yellow and brown.

Eggs                    Chick                  Hens

life cycle of a chick


We let them settle down before we gave them a cuddle. Daffodil was very noisy and Rainbow was quiet.


When the chicks have a drink they lift their head up to swallow. We have cleaned them out but they have made a mess of their food and water bowls.


The chicks are trying to flap their wings more and want to get out. Their wings look bigger and have grown over the weekend. We had to change their feed bowl as they tipped it over twice.

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