Ethos / Aims

Hollygirt School provides a caring and friendly environment where every child is valued and nurtured.  Each pupil is encouraged to see themselves as part of the school community, where integrity and respect for other people are important.

Hollygirt School aims to provide:

  • A broad programme of academic study which fosters a desire to learn, the ability to think and work independently and opportunities for all pupils to develop their potential to the full, thus maintaining a tradition of excellence.
  • A structured pastoral system which guides and supports pupils, promoting the personal development of each individual within the school community.
  • Opportunities for each pupil to develop the skills to enable them to be an independent, resourceful and responsible member of society.
  • A range of extra-curricular activities with opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, enterprise, leadership and service to the wider community.
  • Close and honest communication with parents so that the school and family can work together to promote the well-being of each pupil in the school community.
  • A well ordered community with high standards of behaviour, self-discipline and courtesy.
  • A comprehensive programme of careers education, widening the pupils’ understanding of the opportunities available in the changing world of work and equipping them with the skills to manage their own future careers.

Each member of our school community will be nurtured to develop the confidence and self-esteem to face the challenges and opportunities ahead with enthusiasm and optimism.

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"Pupils are self-confident, self-aware and have a good sense of who they are."

ISI Inspection February 2013